$15.00 Keep Georgia Wild
$10 Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund donation, $5 license (1-day hunt/fish/land access + GA gets ~$45 in federal taxes paid by hunters & anglers)
Licenses In Package 2 licenses

  • From bald eagles to sea turtles, the Georgia Wildlife Conservation Fund is dedicated by law to conserving the more than 95% of wildlife species in our state not fished for or hunted, plus rare plants and habitats. This vital work is led by part of Georgia DNR that relies mainly on grants, fundraisers, and donations. The effort also benefits game animals and helps provide lands for hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation.

  • Allows residents age 16 to 64 to fish in fresh and salt waters and to hunt small game for a specified one day period. Up to 10 additional consecutive days may be added for $1.00 for each day. Additional paid or free licenses may be needed depending on location and activity (see below). Hunter Education is not required. This license plus additional licenses are needed for the following activities: to fish in saltwater (free SIP Permit); to fish for mountain trout (Trout License): to hunt big game including deer, bear & turkey (Big Game License plus free Harvest Record for deer or turkey); to hunt migratory birds including dove (Waterfowl / Migratory Bird Stamp). A federal Duck Stamp is additionally needed to hunt waterfowl. A Quota Alligator Permit is necessary to harvest an alligator.

License Activity Packages